Constructing Seals to Protect Mining Areas

Seal construction services in KY, WV, IN, IL, VA, KS, AL, MO and UT

Seals are used in underground coal mines to isolate abandoned mining areas from active ones. Sealing reduces the risk of explosions in abandoned areas by controlling the climate. S & L Industries, LLC can recruit the necessary foremen to construct seals in unused areas of a mine.

We coordinate with Minova Global to recruit certified technicians and labor for the project. Get in touch with S & L Industries as soon as possible to discuss your needs. We have locations in Clay, KY and Carrier Mills, IL, but we are proud to serve clients across the country, including those with operations in West Virginia, Indianapolis, Illinois, Virginia, Kansas, Alabama, Montana and Utah.

Choose the right contractor for this all-important process

Sealing underground mines is a complex and specialized process. Seals must be designed to withstand significant overpressure in order to provide explosion resistance. We can install a 50 psi or 120 psi seal in underground mines, depending on the environmental conditions of the area.

S & L Industries/ Madisonville Mining continues to offer high-performance solutions for underground coal mines across the United States. Contact our specialists in Clay, KY or Carrier Mills, IL for reliable seal construction.