Keith Hawkins, Project Manager

With nearly 20 years of combined underground mining and surface mining experience, Keith is a well-rounded asset to the S & L Industries management team. He's in charge of our sales department and helps to communicate our clients' needs to the team who will be entrusted with working on their projects. Keith has built a strong management background and is a proven leader. Over the years, he has worked as an underground face boss, foreman, mine manager, site coordinator, workforce coordinator, CM coordinator and has held multiple positions within the safety departments of various companies.

Keith is trained as an equipment operator and is skilled in a broad range of mechanical abilities that allow him to better understand the unique challenges and nature of the work that our customers need us to perform.

In addition to working closely with our customers, Keith is also in charge of making sure that our employees and equipment are up to date on safety and regulation standards.

Kieth's certifications include:

  • Illinois - Examiner, Mine Manager
  • Kentucky - Mine Foreman
  • Indiana - Exp Card
  • MSHA Instructor
  • MSHA Dust Certification
  • OSHA 1926 Construction Card